Audience & market

The Audiences

  • Real estate professionals: they find new outlets and can offer new services
  • Service providers: they offer their services (movers, interior decorators, etc.) in a geo-contextualised way
  • Metaverse investors: they invest in virtual land whose value is closely linked to real activity
  • Individuals: they search, sell and rent goods, accessing immersive services. They can participate in Versity with their own digital assets as well.
  • Contributors: they "work" on the development of Versity and are rewarded for their participation and involvement. In fact, they create value permanently and in the service of Versity

Metaverse Market

The metaverse has become a trend in 2021 with platforms such as The Sandbox, Decentraland or Roblox having seen their reputation boosted. Today, conditions are favorable for the emergence of new solutions dedicated to certain sectors of activity.
Key figures and events :
  • Facebook is renamed Meta (October 2021), and many companies are moving into the metaverse, such as banks (JP Morgan, HSBC, etc.), retailers (Carrefour, Casino, etc.), and brands of all kinds (Nike, AXA, Warner Music Group, etc.)
  • The Sandbox has already established over 200 partnerships with brands
  • The global market is estimated to be worth around $1,542 billion by 2030 (source PwC)
  • The digital asset market is $54bn
  • The NFT market alone has surpassed $41bn by 2021

Virtual Real Estate Market

In 2021, the 4 main metavers (The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space) have sold :
  • 270.000 Virtual lands
  • Total value : $500 millions
  • On The Sandbox, land prices have increased by an average of 300 times between December 2019 and January 2022

Content creation market

The metaverse will radically change the market of the content creation. With Web2, content (text, video, etc.) has become accessible and easy to do for everyone, so much so that creators have become opinion leaders, influencers. The content creation market is estimated to be worth $104 billion by 2021.
With Web3 and metavers, content will also be at the centre of the discussions. In 2020, for example, the "GDP" of the game Second Life was $650 million, of which $80 million was generated by content creators.