VERSITY is the first metaverse dedicated to real estate and the housing life cycle, serving professionals, investors and individuals.
VERSITY is a technological foundation to make the link between the virtual and real worlds. It is a solution:
  • A virtual representation of the real world; Immersive and interactive tours and augmented search engine;
  • Possibility to project into the real property and its environment;
  • Services: service providers (real or virtual) can offer their help from the virtual world and intervene as well in the Versity or the real world;
  • Value creation: the purchase of PARSELL (NFT) makes you an actor of the virtual real estate and offers you the possibility of developing your virtual stock by making it grow or by reselling it via our market place or by mutual agreement;
  • Income: the PARSELL NFTs generate value and the owners receive a "right of use" for any economic activity carried out on them;
  • Creation: contributors (developers and 3D creators) can participate in the design of the metaverse, for example, by modelling objects and offering them to the community.

A tool for the real estate economy

ALL HOUSING (new & old, purchase & rental, extended services) - including commercial property and business premises
  • PROPERTY EVOLUTION and PROJECTION (immersion before and after works and decoration)
  • GEO CONTEXTUALISED SERVICES (environmental exploration)
  • OPEN AND SECURE ENVIRONMENT (creation of new services with partners)

A new vehicle for productivity

  • RENTAL REVENUE: the owners of the NFTs receive a "right of use" for any economic activity carried out there;
  • PASSIVE REVENUE: NFTs are assets that generate value
  • VALUE OPTIMIZATION: each NFT is associated with a unique feature (reflecting an actual postcode) and offers additional potential returns on the Versity depending on its use
  • MARKETPLACE: for real estate professionals, become the manager of your own service exchange