T2/T3 2022
Private Sales
Presales (ICO)
Listing token $SITY
T4 2022
Marketplace (sales of PARSELL)
Buy of PARSELL for France
Launch of VERSITY in its first version (3D Non-immersive), which will allow to start using the PARSELL
Search engine and display of real estate in France
Housing identity card (pictures, price, conditions, etc.)
Interface for using/issuing the $SITY token
S1 2023
Launch of the 3D VERSITY environment for France
Builder design (buildings and objects)
Preparation of Immersive visits
S2 2023
Launch of 3D avatars
Launch of immersive visits for France
Launch of NFT Habitat (Housing identity card)
Start of international developpement of Versity
NB : LitePaper V1.0. Roadmap not final: it will come to be completed and may be subject to modification.
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