LitePaper V1.0
The Lite Paper (the "Lite Paper") is a promotional document prepared by Les Agences de Papa ("LADP") for the purpose of the public offering of SITY tokens (the "SITY Public Offering"). The Lite Paper has not been prepared for the purpose of making any assessment of the financial condition of LADP or otherwise.
The SITY and/or the Lite Paper may be restricted to certain persons or in certain cases by virtue of national regulations applicable to such persons or in such countries, including citizens and/or residents of the United States of America. In this respect, LADP has not taken any action to allow the Public Offering of SITY or the distribution and/or promotion of the Lite Paper in any jurisdiction other than France. Consequently, whether directly or indirectly, the SITYs may not be offered or sold and the Lite Paper and any other document relating to the SITY Public Offering may not be distributed in any other jurisdiction that requires LADP and/or the SITY to obtain any authorization, approval or other approval from any authority.
No one is authorized to communicate information or make statements relating to the issue or sale of SITY other than those contained in the Lite Paper.
Under no circumstances shall the distribution/promotion of the Lite Paper or any sale of the SITY imply (i) that there has been no change in the condition of LADP and/or (ii) that the information contained or incorporated by reference therein is accurate as of any date subsequent to the date indicated on the Lite Paper. In addition, the information and opinions contained in this Lite Paper, when referring to projected or future actions or situations, may never occur. No representation, warranty or covenant, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained in this Lite Paper by any person with respect to such information.
Each potential SITY subscriber must judge for himself the relevance of the information contained in the Lite Paper and base his decision to purchase SITY on the amount of information he deems necessary. The subscribers must in particular proceed to their own analysis and their own evaluation of the risks linked to LAPD, its activity, its financial situation and the SITY. It is recommended that they consult their own financial or legal advisors as to the risks associated with the acquisition of the SITYs and the appropriateness of the acquisition of the SITY in light of their own circumstances.
The Lite Paper does not constitute a recommendation (personalized or not) to buy, sell or arbitrage the SITY, and should not be interpreted as such. The presentation of the Lite Paper should not be interpreted as any kind of canvassing within the meaning of article L341- of the French Monetary and Financial Code and article L.222-16-1 of the French Consumer Code. Similarly, the presentation of The Lite Paper should not be interpreted as an act of marketing financial instruments or miscellaneous goods.
The Lite Paper may only be used, transmitted, communicated, redistributed, in whole or in part, in accordance with applicable law and regulations and, under no circumstances, in a country or jurisdiction where such action is prohibited or which requires any license, authorization, or element, approval or any other form of authorization from LADP, the Lite Paper and/or SITY and, in particular but not limited to, the United States of America.
This Lite Paper contains sensitive or regulated information. No part of this Lite Paper may be shared, transmitted, reprinted or reproduced without the prior written consent of LADP.
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